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S2G, whose acronym derives from "Space To Ground Technologies" recalls the corporate mission to get the techniques developed for flight instrumentation usable for commercial applications. S2G Technologies is based in the Tiburtino Tecnopolo in Rome. S2G is an ASI-ESA start-up based in the ESA Business Incubation Center of the Lazio Region which was selected as part of a proposal for the development of dosimetric meters for civil aviation previously developed by S2G personnel as part of the ESA ExoMars mission for the IRAS instrument aboard the ESA Martian Humboldt lander. As a younger start-up created in June 2019, S2G thanks to the historical skills in space research of its staff is able to offer top-level skills both in the design of flight instrumentation and for more exquisitely applications. commercial and in particular is able to bring to commercialization the results of Research & Development projects born in the university or in the research laboratories of the fertile Lazio fabric of the Tor Vergata research area. More than a dozen instruments have been launched as part of exploration missions of the Solar System, instruments whose on-board electronics and software have been developed by S2G personnel. In particular, lastly the SERENA / ELENA instrument - atomic camera on board the ESA BepiColombo cornestone mission in flight to the planet Mercury - designed, built and patented by his Co-founder. In addition to these skills, S2G has immediately equipped itself with the top of the range of additive 3D printers, given the specific skills of its other Co-founder Tedeschi. Therefore S2G is perfectly able not only to prototype sensors, electronics and control software but to develop finished products ready for intensive industrial production thanks also to the fine-tuning and development of an ergonomic, accurate and reliable mechanical design.

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