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about us.

We are a young startup born after winning a tender by the European Space Agency – Business Innovation Center (ESA-BIC). We are based in Rome, at the Tecnopolo Center, where innovative startups gather. Our main project is the development of a new kind of dosimeter for flight crew and exposed personnel. 


Our team.

For the time being, we are just two members. Our capacities and knowledge cover a wide spectrum of the processes needed by any product, ranging from the electrical and programming engineering to the thermo-mechanical design.
Yannick Tedeschi's Profile Picture
Yannick Tedeschi

Co-founder, aerospace engineer, thermo-mechanical designer

Andrea Maria Di Lellis

Co-founder, physician, electrical designer and programmer


Our services

Because of the individual expertise of each member of our startup, we are able to cover many industrial, research and development fields.

Electronic and software development

We have a long experience in the field, with over 15 launched satellites with on-board instruments developed by Di Lellis.

Electronics Circuit Board

CAD development

We also have the necessary skills to develop products from the basic idea to the complete CAD model.


FEM Analysis

We are also well versed on the static/dynamic mechanical calculations, ranging from simple loads and objects characterisation to full vibrational and and frequency analysis.


Additive Manufacturing

We have the professionals tools and knowledge to rapidly prototype any idea at a very low cost of time/money. We believe that the 3D printing process has much potential for the future of manufacturing, that’s why we are experimenting with bleeding-edge materials, delivering very attractives properties.

3D Engine Printing

Get in Touch

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About us

Startup selected for the ESA BIC Lazio Open Call, Selection Campaign n°56

Where to find us

S2G Technologies Srl,
Tecnopolo Tiburtino
Via Giacomo Peroni 444, 00131, Roma