Mass spectroscopy patent

The patent covers an innovative device based on a high frequency shuttered grating.
The device gates the transit time of the incoming particles flux into the device. The shutter motion allows to precisely track the particles entry time without altering their energy and direction. Thanks to that it is possible to reconstruct the particles velocity distribution.
When the device is coupled to a pixellated focal plane assembly, the system may be also used as an advanced atomic camera such as the AMDL one on-board BepiColombo ESA Mission.

Ion Engine patent

The patent covers an innovative ion thruster engine cable to provide a bipolar ion thrsting at 5000 ISP.
Particurlarly suitable for CubeSats it may garantee a continous trusting of 600uN lasting 3 Years with only 1kg of propellant, allowing to keep in orbit at 400 km altitude a cubesat having at least half square meter of cross section against the RAM.

iRadar -Intelligent Radar

The patent covers an innovative bistatic radar system, based on a Sat fleet and ground receivers which allow to implement the traciability of targets (aircraft, ships, and at last extent drones by vertical illmination from sky.

IL6 Reader -Inteleukine 6 and biologic fluid analizer

The patent covers an innovative biological fluid portable anayzer. It coovers a cost-effective and disposable label-free voltammetric immunosensor for sensitive detection of interleukin-6.